Back Pain Deserves a Visit to the San Rafael Chiropractor

Of the 22 million people who seek chiropractic care, more than 7 million visit them for back pain. A San Rafael chiropractor is certainly a great person to visit to resolve back pain. For years, the chiropractor has been known for the spinal manipulation techniques that, like magic, work to solve any problems with the back by lining the spine back in place. It works better than medications that mask the pain and certainly less risky, too. And, the same rule applies for surgery. There’s always a risk when you go under the knife. Now that a chiropractor is around, that is a worry you can eliminate.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is so easy to experience. There’s so many causes of back pain, from arthritis to improper posture to sports injuries and more. The severity of back pain varies from one person to the next, however, anyone who has ever felt back pain can attest firsthand that it is never something that they want to happen again in their life. Back pain can diminish quickly your quality of life and make life seem dreadful and bleak. But, again, with a trip to the San Rafael chiropractor, your ailments are a thing of the past and back pain is not something that will harbor your life any longer.

A New You is Waiting

After adjustments are made to the back using spinal manipulation techniques, you will feel like a new you! Likely, a smile will cross your face as you feel the immediate relief that this care has offered to you. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been bothered by back pain or what’s caused the pain. The chiropractor is there to put it to an end once and for all. It is time to visit a chiropractor and get the relief that you need!


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