Best Cures for Herpes Virus - Male Genital Herpes/Herpes genitalis ...About a week ago, I started developing my first cold sore, and it has been very painful since I first got it. I am not sure why I have contracted this disease, but I am pretty annoyed that I have herpes now. It is not exactly the best way to be able to pick up girls, and that is why I want to try to find a cure. I am looking for herpes cure 2013 information, because I would like to find the most recent medical information and advances towards curing the virus.

I know that it is pretty difficult to cure, or at least that is what I have always heard. I did not think that I was actually susceptible to the virus, because when I was younger, I used to date this girl who got cold sores. I figured if I could get them, then I would have at that point in time.


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