Bringing Healthcare and Medical Supplies to Those Who Need Them the Most

The healthcare of today is drastically different when compared with the healthcare those available just 150 years ago. Diseases and infirmities that a century ago would have been life-threatening now are easily treated with medicines, and outpatient surgeries. The life expectancy of many individuals who are living in developed countries is a lot higher than that of their ancestors thanks in part to an ample supply of medical supplies and medicines that are available to them.

Unfortunately not everyone around the world has the same access to high-quality medicine as individuals who live in developed countries. Persons who are living in developing countries still face some of the same risks of death and serious illness from diseases that the ancestors of individuals living in the developed world dealt with a century ago. For many of these individuals in developing countries the ample supply of medical supplies and medicine that are available in the Western world mean very little to them when it comes with coping with disease.

The inequality in medical care is something that has been noticed by many individuals, and corporations around the world. For that reason there are a lot of foundations that have been set up by well-meaning goodhearted individuals designed to try to make advanced medical care and advanced medical supplies available around the globe. Little by little the positive effect of the work that these individuals are doing is being seen.

A good example of this is a program that is being used in El Salvador that is designed to provide quality eyecare to individuals who otherwise could not afford it or who would not have access to this eyecare. The individuals behind this program are using pickup trucks equipped with sound equipment and are driving through some of the poorer neighborhoods in the country broadcasting the fact that they have medical supplies and Dr.’s on hand that are offering free eye exams and inexpensive glasses. This program has had some amazing results.


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