Getting Effective Treatment for a Herniated Disc

About a year ago I injured my back. I was moving to a new house and I was doing a lot of heavy lifting on my own. I remember that I picked up a very heavy box and moved it to a different location. Afterwards I felt a tightening in my back and then I could not even move. My husband told me that I should lie down immediately because something similar happened to him. My back did not improve after a couple of days of rest and so he took me to a ventura chiropractic. The chiropractor told me that I had a herniated disc and that I should start doing treatments for it.

To be honest I have never felt such excruciating pain. It was so difficult to do anything and I spent more than a whole week just laying flat on my back, only to get up to shower, use the restroom and to go to the chiropractor’s office. The treatments that the chiropractor did started to help me. My chiropractor told me that he thought that my injury from lifting the heavy boxes on my own was what caused the herniated disc. However, he told me that he thought that the stress that I have been dealing with was not helping my situation. He recommended that I continue with chiropractic treatments even after the herniated disc was healed. He also recommended that I try some things that can help me relax. He recommended that I look into different relaxation techniques to help deal with the stress. I realize that the stress that I have is definitely not good for my health. Besides causing tension and pain in my back it has caused other health problems as well.

Fortunately, after chiropractic treatments my back is feeling a lot better and I am working on some relaxation techniques.


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