Grandma Has Even More Energy Now

My kids love going to their grandmother’s house. I can’t blame them because she makes it so fun for all of them. Even my oldest two, who are 14 year old twins, still love going there because it is a blast. That is why I was so concerned when my mom asked if I could keep the kids for the weekend she had planned something fun for them. She said she was just not feeling well, but that lingered on for two weeks. I finally made an appointment for her with my chiropractor in Santa Barbara.

I knew that she was fine overall, but she was also in a lot of pain. I wanted to see if a spinal manipulation would help her like they do me. I had asked her a couple of years ago to go with me once, but she insisted that her body was in perfect alignment. She tried making jokes about it, but I think she was just afraid of the unknown. When she readily agreed to let me take her when I told her about the appointment, I knew that her pain was probably worse than she was even letting on.

The good news is that she is no longer experiencing any of that pain. I knew my mom would like my chiropractor right away, and she did. He made her feel very comfortable, and she explained to him the level of pain she was in. After showing him where it hurt, which was mostly her lower back, he did an examination and then an adjustment. I offered to leave the room but she insisted that I stay, which I tease her about now. It is all in good fun though because she has told me that she has not felt this vibrant and energetic in years. My kids love this new side of their grandma now that she has even more energy!


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