Haven’t Felt This Good in Years!

I’ve always been afraid to go to a chiropractor. It’s probably because you hear all these horror stories about how they messed up the alignment in your back, or you can’t walk afterwards. I’ve heard everything you can imagine and it’s scared the life out of me. I had no choice though when I went on vacation, the pain I was having was beyond bearable so I decided to find Chicago chiropractors.

I walked into that office sweating and about ready to have an anxiety attack because I was afraid I was going to be in worse shape when I left. I’m glad I put myself in there though, because I haven’t felt this good in years. I actually feel like I could easily go running and climbing like I did when I was a kid. Maybe it depends on the chiropractor you get, but I went with one that had the highest ratings and most experience in the city.

My vacation chiropractor was Dr. Steven Stenchin. Not the coolest name out there, but he was really great and had great bed side manner. He explained everything to me as he was about to do it. He worked out knots in my back and neck that I didn’t even really know were there. I haven’t had to take any of my pain medication in over a week since going.

He did recommend following up every other week or so with a local chiropractor just so that everything stays how it should. I wish I lived in Chicago now that I have found one that works for me and that I trust. I know when I walk into the next office I’m going to stress out just like I did today. I’m just hoping that I have just as good of an experience!


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