He Made Me Feel As Good As New

I was a certified nursing aid for nearly three years. I absolutely loved the people I worked with, but the work was just too hard for me. I am not a big person at all, so lifting people who have fallen was one of the hardest things for me. That did not happen often, but it was enough that I had to do a career change. I also had to see a Oklahoma City chiropractor because of it. I was taught the proper way to lift patients, and I wore the proper braces when appropriate, but I still had a lot of back pain because of my job.

I was constantly on the move, helping people, moving people, and bending over. That all takes a toll when you are doing it 40 hours a week if not more. And, that was just for the time I spent at work. So I knew that I needed to have my back checked out because I did not want to ignore it and then have back issues all of my life. I was able to get into a chiropractor who is just a few miles from where I live with my husband and kids.

I was not sure what was going to happen as it was my first time visiting this kind of doctor. It made sense to see a chiropractor over my regular doctor though because it was my back that was hurting me. Just as I would not go to my regular doctor for a dental or eye checkup, I didn’t see why I would with a back checkup either. The chiropractor was able to get me back to my old self, and it was done without any medications at all. He just did a series of adjustments on my back, and I was as good as new pretty fast!


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