How My Wife is Healing Her Hands

My wife and I just recently moved to a brand new home in San Francisco. Unfortunately, after moving into our lovely new dream home, one of the first things that we hand to do was search the area for new doctors. We had to search the web for a hand surgeon in san francisco to help my wife.

It is a somewhat long story, but I will try to make it short. My wife and I are both writers. Writing is our artistic passion, and it is also how we pay the bills and are able to pay for food and clothing and keep a roof over our head. My wife suffered quite a depressing injury and her right hand became severely damaged. It was basically not functional in any way. She could not pick up or hold anything and she certainly couldn’t type with it or write longhand. It was a big setback for my wife and watching her suffering with her pain and injury was one of the most upsetting experiences of my life. I so badly wanted to help her but there was just nothing that I could do to make the pain go away. We were both scared that her hand would be permanently injured and that she would have to live with this disability for the rest of her life. Before moving to San Francisco my wife’s primary care physician and orthopaedic doctor both recommended that she see a hand specialist. There was hope that with the help of a specialist my wife would be able to gain function in her hands again. This was great news, but it came at a stressful time. We had to move to San Francisco because of my new job and we would have to find all new doctors. Ultimately we found a good local specialist who has done a great job treating my wife. I really believe that she will be able to make a full recovery.


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