How to Stop Acne in Its Tracks

I have no doubt that one of the best skin care products people often overlook when they are shopping for something to treat their acne is organic Rosehip oil. I know what you’re thinking; ew, organic! Trust me when I tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with organic products! I agree with that it is far too often used as a buzz word to increase sales and attention which can give some products a bad reputation but honestly for products such as this, it’s important that they are actually organic due to them being applied directly to the skin!

Just a quick glance at Amazon under ‘facial cleansers’ or ‘acne wash’ will show you just how much people care about their appearance and how many different products are for sale for this alone. Especially for acne medication, you’re going to find thousands of different products many with their own unique way of approaching acne. This can lead consumers to buying multiple different products to treat different stages of acne; everything from the pimples itself, the inflammation that’s caused by acne as well as the bacteria that causes acne and preventive treatments on top of it all! It’s exhausting trying to mitigate acne!

All in all, it’s really about what we eat and how we’re taking care of ourselves. Exercising is an incredibly important step in stopping the spread of acne as well as recognizing which sort of foods might be trigger foods! I’ve discovered that milk products often increase the spread of acne on my face. As soon as I quit eating anything that’s associated with dairy I have some of the greatest skin but as soon as I include cheese or milk back into my diet, my skin breaks out like I’m some sixteen year old kid all over again.


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