I Actually Fell off a Horse

It was not so funny at the time, in fact I ended up having to go see a chiropractor in Round Rock TX. He was recommended to me by one of my clients. In fact I was having a terrific time when I hurt myself. The company has had a really good year and so they decided to hold this great big barbecue on a ranch owned by one of the partners. That was where I met this very attractive woman. She is related to one of the big shareholders in the company, but she is not interested in explaining the details and I am not going to worry about it. She set about teaching me how to be a cowboy once we got to know one another pretty well and the first thing she did was to teach me how to ride her barrel racing horse. It is not nearly so hard as it sounds, because the horse is perfectly trained for this and you basically just have to hold on for dear life

At any rate the horse will take off like a rocket and when it gets to that first barrel it will turn on a dime without hardly slowing down even a little. It is an incredibly fun thing to do and like I said, it does not really require much of me. I did it at least a dozen times, but then I started to learn how you put the saddle and the bridle on the horse. I probably should have paid more attention to the lessons on that score. Like always the horse took off like a rocket, then when it went to turn around that barrel the saddle came loose and there was not a prayer of me saving the situation. I hit the ground real solidly.


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