I Am Renting from My Dentist

I sort of lucked into finding this new place where I am living. I have been going to this Livermore dentist since I was a little kid and a couple of weeks ago I went to have my yearly cleaning and check up. I had to get a couple of fillings, but it was not a big deal. However I told him that I was looking for a new place to live and he asked me where I wanted a place. It turned out that he and his brother in law were involved in some real estate dealings and they had a couple of places that had little problems that they had to fix. It is not really easy to rent out a place when you are working on it, but I did not really mind too much. In fact they had one place which is just too perfect for me when it comes to the location.

It would be a pretty good walk from my office to this place, but if you felt like it then you could do it and you could do it mostly by following bike trails and walking through the parks. If you got on a bike and used the same routes, then you could ride to and back in about twelve minutes. The traffic lights are the big thing when you drive to work and back, but the truth is that it would take you longer to find a place to park than it would to drive there on many days. I am thinking that it may make as much sense to ride the bus, which stops about a hundred yards from my front door and drops you off right in front of the door of the office after ten minutes. I already clocked it.


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