I Finally Got Moved to My New Place

It was not really my plan to start looking for a new apartment, but my landlord is not the nicest person you have ever met and he wants to charge a rent that simply is not reasonable. In particular it is a really bad deal for a place like this. They call it a studio apartment, but it is really just a big room. After I moved I had to go see a chiropractor in Beverly Hills, because I hurt my back moving my stuff up the stairs at this new place. That really is not so big of a deal, since she really does not use the kitchen all that much. She seems to eat frozen entrees and fast food pretty much exclusively and neither of those things is going to make all that big of a mess. I never want to sweat little things though, so even if it was a problem I would not get my briefs in a twist about it. There just is not any profit in that sort of thing.

At any rate the apartment search was really a breeze as it turned out, although that was really a whole lot of good luck and very little in the way of hard work or skill on my part. I simply went to see a friend of mine to play some pool and drink a couple of beers. He told me that this friend of his had a little house a few blocks away and he was looking to rent out the loft above the garage. The place was tiny, but it was not that much smaller than the place where I am living right now. The location is not terrific for me, but it is no worse than what I have right now. The rent is a good deal less.


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