I Get Help from a Chiropractor and I Changed My Office Setting As Well

I’ve been having trouble with my neck for some time. People get old, and I figured that was the end of it. But the trouble just kept happening. I started taking some ibuprofen, but I had to stop doing that when I found myself in the hospital because I’m taking so much of it. I did not want that to happen, so I began going to a chiropractor in Tracy to see if that would provide relief that I couldn’t seem to get by taking over the counter medications. I’m glad that I did for the reason that I don’t know if I would have made it much longer if I had to keep dealing with pain with no way to stop it.

I’ve never done anything about making sure that my desk and chair are set up in the most ergonomic way possible. It just wasn’t something that I ever heard talked about for the first part of my life, and no one really does much about it now. But now I have my office set up ergonomically at both work and at home. It has made a pretty big difference for me. My chair was too high and my desk monitor was too low. So my head was pointed downward each day for 8 hours per day at my work office and then again each night when I came home to work in my home office. It really affected my neck.

The chiropractor that I started seeing is the one that helped me to figure all of this out. He asked me how I spent my free time, and I told him that I don’t really have free time. I spend most of my time working and that is when he asked about my office set ups. He even asked that my wife take a photo of me sitting and working on my computer at both places. That was when he figured it out.


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