I Just Started My New Job at the Dentist

I just got a job working for my Uncle’s dentist. He is sort of a half retired dentist I suppose. He is about 50 and he is a really nice man who built an office in a corner of his farm. We live out in the middle of nowhere, so it is really nice to have a dentist here instead of having to drive for 40 minutes to get to Greenville or some other large town. My job is to buy Dental Supplies and keep his appointments. He has a hygienist and another girl to help him with the dental work, so all I do is answer the phone and do paperwork. I am not really qualified for the work, but he thinks that I shall pick it up eventually and no one seems to notice that I am a bit lost at times. Of course I have done some clerical work and I have all of the skills you need to manage an office, but no experience at that. Dr Reynolds is completely lost with the computer, so he thinks that I am really good with them because I know more than he does.


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