I Need to Find a Good Chiropractor in Danville, California

I am a teacher with a couple of years of experience. After getting my teaching certificate I worked at several Elementary schools in the Bay Area, first in Fremont and then in San Leandro. Now I have a new job working as a Physical Education teacher at San Ramon Valley High School in Danville, Ca. However when I went to a small college on a football scholarship and ended up with a lot of back pain as a result. So now I have been searching the internet for a Chiropractor in San Ramon. My old chiropractor did a great job, but I do not think I will want to drive that far every time my back hurts me. Of course anything on US 680 between Walnut Creek and San Ramon would be close enough, but mostly I want to be certain that I find the correct choice. I do not want to pick a chiropractor who might do more harm than good. Most of all I would like to be able to feel good enough to get back in game shape. In my playing days I was a 6 foot 3 inch Defensive End that weighed 205 pounds. Currently I am about 15 pounds over that and I would be better off getting down below 200 pounds. I could probably find ways to do this with a bad back if I were good swimmer, but I would prefer to do it playing pickup basketball and running. Being overweight at the age of 27 is a bad trend in my mind. If I put on another 15 pounds that would start getting to be dangerously overweight. I have not been going to a chiropractor lately because of financial diffculties and job uncertainty. Given the States financial difficulties, I was not sure that I would have a job this school year.


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