I Needed to Lose Weight Before I Caused Permenent Problems

After having no problems with back pain for the first 35 years from my life, it became a painful surprise when I suddenly found myself struggling to move around easily. My mom sent me to a Peoria chiropractor to help with the issue and that worked out well. He was the one who reminded me that I am getting older and will continue to have problems if I don’t become more proactive about taking care of my back by losing weight. It was a good reminder to me that I have been incredibly lazy when it comes to physical fitness for much of my life.

Most children love to run and play, and that was no different for me when I was a little kid. I look forward to recess at school every day, so that I could go out and play ball or simply Chase my friends around or climb the monkey bars. By the time that I read school, I was living a mostly sedentary life outside of school. By the time I reached my 20s, I became really lazy about doing any sort of exercises at all. I felt great, so I figured that there was no reason to do anything and that I was just one of the lucky ones. However, the weight started to creep on slowly, and by the time I hit 30 years old, I was 75 pounds overweight. I could feel all the extra weight that was on me, but I still had no pain.

I went home to visit my mom, and I got there via a plane flight. I remember feeling uncomfortable all throughout the fridge. I remember thinking that the that my back was hurting a little bit, so I would twist around in my seat to try to find a comfortable position. I figured that the problem would extend only to the duration of the flight, but by that evening, my back was aching.The next day, I walked around stooped over. That’s when my mother told me that I needed to get to a chiropractor before it grew worse.


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