I Promised My Wife That I Would Be Even More Careful

I had never been in so much pain as I was after I fell off our shed in the back yard. I was up their doing repairs, slipped and landed on my back on the group. I felt there was no hope until I visited a San Jose chiropractor who make my life better again. Prior to that time in my life, I had only thought about going to see a medical doctor for those types of things. Now I know what type of help is available beyond traditional medicine that does not always work.

My wife always tells me that I am a klutz, and she is right. I grew up knowing it, but I would barrel through things without much thought and hope for the best. But after getting married, my sweet spouse pointed out that I was getting older and could not afford time off of work or maybe even getting hurt to the point that I could no longer work. She also pointed out that the older you get, the longer it takes to heal when you are injured. My own doctor had even told me this is true. So, with her help, I began doing my best to be more careful whenever it came to mind.

The shed had been leaving for a very long time and I did not know it. The furniture and other things we had stored inside it were getting ruined thanks to the rain and sun getting inside. I did not realize this until one rainy day when I rushed outside to get something that we had stored in the little building. I tried to move all of our furniture out of the way of the big hole in the ceiling, but there wasn’t enough room. After I fell, I was hurting for about 3 weeks until I finally made it to a chiropractor who fixed me right up.


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