I Think I Might Be Getting Arthritis

It is not as though I am crippled by it or anything, but I think that I might be getting bursitis or arthritis in my joints lately. At first it was in my elbow, the left one mainly and I was thinking that I had done something to my bursa sac. Not really sure what that is or what it does, but that is where it hurt. I started to feel better after a friend of mine said for me to try these curcumin or turmeric supplement pills. I was skeptical and I am still, but it does appear that the inflammation has gone down. I suspect it is just as much a natural thing as any other cause. Of course so long as the thought is that it might be working I will keep on taking the stuff. You can be as skeptical as you like, but it is not as though I have much to lose by taking the stuff. It is basically a cooking spice and there is not really much chance that I will fall over dead from some stuff that basically came off the spice rack.

Actually the ads for the stuff claim that the normal turmeric curcumin is not going to be effective. They say that this stuff has some stuff in it that makes it easier for the body to absorb it and that is why you get a benefit from it. Of course it is a good selling point when you think about. Some person tells you that you should take this stuff and you think that I already have a bottle of that stuff in the cabinet beside of the stove, it is right there beside the cinnamon and the red pepper. So this person says no, this is the stuff that really works.


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