I Woke Up Feeling Sore

When I woke up feeling sore one morning, I just took it that I slept wrong. However, that feeling never left me all day. When I do wake up sore because of sleeping wrong, it tends to go away even before lunch. I was not sure what had happened, but I decided to give it a couple of days to see if it went away. It didn’t, which is why I started looking for a Beverly Hills chiropractor to see about it. I considered going to my primary care physician, but I figured it would be better to go to a doctor that deals with sore backs and necks on a regular basis.

They were able to get me in the next day, and I was walking a bit lopsided when I went in for my initial visit. After filling out the new patient forms, I was taken right back. The examination was lengthier than I expected, but I was grateful too because I knew that would help to solve whatever was wrong with me. The chiropractor also did some imaging tests, and then she was able to tell me what was wrong.

It seems that one of my vertebrae was messed up, which concerned me until she explained that it would be easy to fix. I would just need to see her twice a week for adjustments. I asked her why it takes so long to fix, since she said it could take a month or better before I could lessen my visits. She explained that this did not happen overnight, even though it felt like it, and it was not going to go away overnight. After showing me why it takes several adjustments for my body to get back to how it should be, I finally understood. She was right too, because I felt better than ever after a dozen or so visits.


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