Looks Only Go So Far

Garcinia Cambogia Online - 3 Months Free SupplyMy daughter came home from school and asked me if I thought she was fat. At thirteen years old she has a perfect athletic body as she likes to play soccer, basketball, and soccer. I had no idea what to say to her other than the fact that she was gorgeous the way she was and the way god made her. She told me that some of her friends were starting to take the supplement garcinia cambogia to lose the weight that they wanted to and she asked me if she could start taking it with them. I told her that I have no problem with supplements but I did not want her to start taking something to lose weight at such a young age. My heart was breaking for her and I knew that she must be hurting and not like the way that she looked if she thought that she already needed to lose weight.

I asked her if there was pressure at school to be thin and she told me yes. She told me that nobody makes fun of each other for being heavy or thicker but that at lunch every single day they are talking about someone’s weight and I did not think that was such a good thing. A lot of people that were looking at the different things going on in the school did not think that it was a problem that the girls were taking pills. I know that adults can take pills as their bodies are already formed but what about these young teen bodies that were still growing? I talked to the principal in confidence about what was going on and they had the health teacher talk to the girls and I hope that it helped because they are too young to worry about looks.


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