Options to Get Bigger Breasts

My wife has a bit of a complex about her breasts. She’s always had small breasts, even after her teenage years. She’s often thought about getting breast implants, but couldn’t afford to have the surgery. After dating and getting married to her, I’ve often told her that her breasts are fine and that she doesn’t need to make them bigger, but she still wanted to do it. I told her if she wants to make them bigger, then she should at least think of an alternative to the surgery, like breast enhancement pills, which wouldn’t require her to go under the knife.

Pills weren’t really on the list of options for my wife, because she didn’t think they actually worked. I showed her plenty of cases where people took the pills and grew larger breasts and she changed her mind. Implants were still her number one priority, but she at least considered the option of pills. She went to the doctor to have an examination for a potential implant procedure and the doctor told her what kinds of incisions he would be making. My wife wanted to have as little scarring as possible, but the only way to have completely scar free breasts is to not get the surgery in the first place.

After a lot of thinking, my wife decided not to go through with the surgery. She didn’t want to have the scars, and she didn’t want to worry about the implants breaking or having to get them redone years into the future. Instead, she decided to try out the pills. She took the pills for a few months and grew a few cup sizes. She had to buy a new bra because her old one didn’t fit well anymore. If there’s anything that will keep her from getting bigger breasts than what she has now, it’s an increase in the price of bras.


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