Relief for My Injured Body

When I was younger, I felt totally unstoppable. I always played rough sports like martial arts and soccer. I had never broke a bone nor had been seriously injured by these rough activities. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. A couple of weeks ago, I suffered a bad injury to my back. At first, I thought it was just a minor problem, but it actually turned out to be serious. I needed a Cumming chiropractor to fix my back.

It all started at the gym. I wanted to gain more muscle, so I decided to try lifting weights. I foolishly thought if I lifted more weights, I could gain muscle quicker. Unluckily, I lifted too much. It was more than I could handle. I felt a small pain in my back. I figured that I pulled a muscle. I felt that some ointment would solve the problem. The next morning, the pain in my back got worse. It was excruciating. I could barely get out of the bed. I knew at that moment something was very wrong with me. I asked my insurance company about chiropractors in my network.

That same week, I made an appointment to see the chiropractor. When I met the staff, they were so friendly. The office was very nice and clean. The staff was willing and able to fulfill all of my personal needs. The wait time for my appointment was very short. Dr. Kim was so helpful. She was kind to me a patient. She promptly took x-rays of my neck and back. She noticed that my spine was slightly curved. She diagnosed me with slight scoliosis. I was scared that I would have to get surgery. Dr. Kim assured me that all I had to do was wear a brace temporarily for a couple of weeks. I was so pleased.


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