The Fall of One Man

I’ve learned a lot about home improvement from reading books and watching videos. Because of this, I’ve been able to fix problems around my home, as well as fix things for other people for a bit of money. One day I was doing a simple gutter repair job, when I fell off my ladder and hit the ground. In the split second while I was falling, I thought I was going to die. Fortunately I survived, the fall, but I had to start searching for San Francisco chiropractors, because I injured my back and was in intense pain.

I painfully sat at my computer desk and browsed around until I found the closest chiropractor to me. I then hobbled to my car and drove to the chiropractor’s office for an examination. The entire time I was driving, I could feel nothing but pain in my back, and I wished I had taken some kind of pain medication before getting in the car. Even though the pain was unbearable, I safely made it to the chiropractor’s office. Getting into the office wasn’t as bad as getting there, as there were people who helped me get inside.

From the chiropractor’s examination, I learned that my back was badly injured, and I would need to have a procedure done to facilitate the healing process. I had no choice but to go through with it if I wanted my back to heal properly. After the procedure was done, I needed to rest for a few weeks. This put a halt in my repair activities, as well as my actual job. I was able to take time off while I healed, but that was wasted time that I couldn’t get back. The next time I do any kind of work where I need a ladder, I’ll try to secure myself somehow.


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