Trying to Get Rid of Pain

I have suffered from excruciating pain for years. I got into a horrible care accident during my freshman year of college and it changed the whole trajectory of my life. I went from being a carefree, active softball player to a bedridden invalid. Even worse than the total changes in my day to day life was the pain. I was in pain, often times unbearable for so long that I kind of got used to it. I tried all kinds of things to deal with the pain, from pills to holistic medicine. Then I found a Chicago acupuncture clinic.

After all the things I tried I didn’t think that acupuncture would work but I also didn’t want to become to rely totally on pain medication anymore, since I had seen so many of my friends spiral into addiction from those very same pills. So needless to say I went into my appointment with the acupuncturist with a bit of skepticism but I figure the worst thing that could happen was that it wouldn’t work and I would leave in the same amount of pain I went in there with.

Lucky for me I was happily surprised with the progress we made in one session and I quickly agreed to come back for several more. After a couple weeks I was able to resume daily activities that I hadn’t done for years. I wasn’t totally better but I was markedly better, to the point that I felt normal, or at least as normal as I have felt in years. Who knows maybe a year from now I will look back at this point and marvel at how far I have come. I can only hope for that. Even if I were to stay at this level of pain forever, it would still be worth it.


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