West Phoenix Chiropractor Made My Back Stronger Than It Was Before I Went to the Doctor

At work my back used to get stiff. The personal protective equipment manager we had at the main plant got me a back brace to wear. People in my job do a lot of bending and lifting heavy weight. Some things we lift are over 100 pounds. We try to get as many workers on a heavy object as we can to spread out the load over many backs and hands. Sometimes you just need to do it yourself. I started going to a West Phoenix chiropractor about three years into my job. I was strong, but my back hurt. The chiropractor suggested that my back brace may be part of the problem.

In my case the back brace did more than help me lift correctly and assist in protecting muscles from tearing. The brace helped weaken my back muscles by taking some of the forces I was exposing my back muscles to. It caused some muscles to weaken while others used in lifting got stronger. This caused an imbalance in the musculature of my back. There are many muscles and layers of muscles in your back that keep you standing upright without falling over forward. My back brace was compressing in on some muscles taking some of the forces lifting put on them while letting other muscles be exposed to the forces of the weights and continue to build.

It took several months of treatments and special exercises to strengthen my back properly and wean myself off of the brace. I feel so much better now when lifting. My West Phoenix chiropractor helped me immensely. I can go to work now and even work a double shift without coming home feeling like my back is wrecked. I no longer wear the back brace, and I am stronger now than I was before my back pain started.


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