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My problem with traditional gyms is that I have such a crazy, alternating schedule that it becomes very difficult for me to find time to actually go because of their limited hours. While I don’t mind actually working out from home, it’s nice to have a personal trainer on hand that can give me some professional advice, tips and new exercises to work with from time to time which is exactly why I’ve been looking for a adult adhd treatment around my area but with little success; until recently! A new place finally opened up around here and I was down at their gym as soon as they opened up their doors first time. You can imagine my glee when I found out that they were actually a twenty four hour gym! Twenty four hour anything around Louisville is basically a rarity and you are hard pressed to find any service that is open that late; except McDonald’s. Isn’t that a shame? We can get gross food at all hours but nothing else? It’s terrible!

So far my experience with this gym has been a good one. I don’t recommend Planet Fitness to anyone and they’ve become the most popular gym in the area due to easy access but at the same time, they lack professionalism and hire kids out of high school who know very little about fitness or proper equipment use. They give you a brief tour and offer very little else than what can be found inside their pamphlets. They are, in essence, a joke. This place is different and they gave me a very good run down regarding each piece of equipment that they have, how to properly utilize it as well as offering me access to a nutritionist and a fitness coach whenever I need either.


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