Working in the Hospital This Summer

I am not really working in the health field exactly. It is not so simple as that. I am sort of working for a charity that gave me this internship. It was not so easy to understand when I signed up, but they are in the business of helping people rehabilitate from serious injuries. In particular I am working with a small number of victims of a pretty serious fire that happened about a month ago. It is not like they were life threatening injuries, but it is going to be a long term process. We have microskin burn makeup for them in fact, it is supposed to really help them and I suppose that it is better than nothing. In the long term they will have to have a series of cosmetic procedures I guess. This is something that you can not do all at once I guess. For one thing you are exposing the person to a lot of risk from side effects and the like.

Of course I am not really very good at this yet and it is not something that you can get used to. It is important that you try not to be uncomfortable around them and you know that a lot of people are going to feel self conscious about their injuries. Most of them are lucky and their burns are not all that bad, but one of them has burns on the left side of his neck and on the under side of his jaw. It is something that is not really easy for you to hide and of course if you are a man, like he is, this is uncomfortable in that you are putting on make up. I know this guy has never done that before and that he does not like it.


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