You Have to Make Changes to Lose Weight

After not having to worry too much about my weight for most of my life, I have been watching my body change over the last two years. I am pretty active, so I guess that is why I am not terribly overweight. But the extra pounds show me that I am not active enough. I am now finding that my clothes are not fitting me properly or at all, and that is a big problem. So, I wanted to learn how to get rid of belly fat fast before I found myself in a position of needing to buy new clothes that I simply cannot afford at this time.

After doing some quick research, it was easy to see that I was going to have to step it up and do more than I have been doing. I might walk a lot each day because of my job, but I knew I was going to have to carve out some time before or after work for actually following an exercise regimen.

I also learned that you can gain weight due to not getting enough sleep. This was really surprising to me, but there are studies that prove it. I work so much and then have so much to do at home every night that I often fall into bed very tired at around 2 or 3am every morning. And then I get up at 7am every morning to start my day again. That had to stop immediately if I wanted to lose weight.

I ended up throwing out a lot of pre-packaged foods in my kitchen. Boxes and cans of things that contain a lot of things that make you gain weight. While they are things that I ate with no problems as a young person, I simply could not continue to eat that way and get rid of all my unwanted pounds.


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